National College of Tourism (NCT) is a proud training partner of Tanzania’s first Government supported Quality Apprenticeship Programme in Hospitality. The programme offers young men and women from low income backgrounds the opportunity to gain skills while working in the hotel industry.

NCT in both its Dar es Salaam and Arusha campuses has been working with the Government of Tanzania and the International Labour Organisation to develop and run the programme since its pilot in 2015. Furthermore, NCT works with the private sector to design, develop and implement the programme through a tailor made curriculum with technical assistance from ILO.

Approximately, 119 Apprentices have graduated from the programme with a quality apprenticeship certification approved by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE). Currently 41 Apprentices are enrolled in the programme and will spend 6 months in theoretical and practical training at NCT and 18 months of on the job training at 15 leading Hotels and Resorts in Dar es Salaam and Arusha.

The pilot of the Apprenticeship Programme is funded by the Government of Norway and launched by the Government of Tanzania, The Hotels Association of Tanzania (HAT), The Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT), The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE), with technical assistance from ILO. NCT is now proud to be funding the November 2019 intake of 38 new Apprentices.

Why the NCT promotes Apprenticeships

The contribution of apprenticeship to jobs and skills has long been appreciated by countries eager to promote growth and ease the transition from full-time education to work for young people.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) defines apprenticeship as the “…expression apprenticeship means any system by which an employer undertakes by contract to employ a young person and to train them systematically for a trade for a period the duration of which has been fixed in advance and in the course of which the apprentice is bound to work in the employer's service.”

You really owe it to yourself, your friends and your family to come along to this must have NCT experience! NCT is looking forward to seeing you very soon!.

This definition incorporates some of the key features of apprenticeship:

• Based in the work place supervised by an employer

• Intended for young people

• Fundamental aim is learning a trade/acquiring a skill

• Training is ‘systematic’ ie follows a predefined plan

• Governed by a contract between apprentice and employer

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the Basic Certificate programme must have earned a certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) with minimum passes (D) in four subjects (Including English), excluding Religious subjects, plus passing qualifying test from the Institute.

The NTA level 5

The NTA level 5 is the Technician Certificate which covers year one. Its curriculum comprise of 14 modules that are spread over two semesters in one academic year. A module has to be covered in semester of fifteen (15) Weeks. Therefore the whole NTA level 4 has a total of (30) Weeks of study for full-time attendance mode and twelve Weeks of field industrial attachment.

Availability of the Course

This Course is available at the following cumpuses:

• Bustani

• Temeke and

• Arusha

Fees Structure for Technician Certificate

1 Tuition Fee 700,000 Per Year
2 Excursion Fee NIL
3 Examination Fee 50,000 Per Year
4 Caution Money 50,000 Once
5 Students Union Contribution 10,000 Per Year
6 Students Identity Cards 5,000 Once
7 HealthI nsurance 50,400 NIL
Total 865,400

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