National College of Tourism (NCT) recently opened a new Campus in Mwanza region, with the aim of the campus will offer two programs that are Tour guiding Operations and Travel and Tourism from certificate level to diploma level and each level will be taken for two years.

This campus is located at Mwanza city center and has the capacity to accommodate 500 Diploma, Certificate and apprenticeship students annually. It is specialized in Two Programmes which are tour guiding Operation and Travel and tourism and is fully equipped with the state-of-the art training facilities.

The establishment of Mwanza campus has a sole purpose of supporting the government’s initiatives of developing tourism in the western zone (Western Tourism Circuit) comprising of the regions of Mwanza, Geita, Simiyu, Shinyanga, Kagera, Mara, Tabora, Katavi, and Kigoma.


Mwanza City Center Opposite Sekou Toure Hospital, Machemba Road, Mwanza.


The establishment of the Mwanza campus will help to solve the challenges of providing quality services especially in the western tourism region by providing experts who will serve and develop the tourism industry in this region including participating in the expansion of tourism activities in the western region, example establishment of Reserves of Burigi-Chato Ibanda na Rumanyika Orugundu. Either, the objectives of establishing Mwanza campus is based on implementing the strategic plan of the agency of the national college of tourism from 2020/2021 -2024/2025 which aims to implement and achieve the following:

• Expand the scope of training agents by establishing new campuses in the Mwanza and Iringa regions

• Increase enrollment of certificates and diploma students in the field of hospitality, tourism and event management

• Increasing graduates in the field of hospitality, tourism and event management who are expected to provide good services if the Tourism sector.

• Continue to provide training to key stakeholders in the tourism chain such as police officers, immigration officers, transport operators and other public institutions and those under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

• Conducting research and consultation in the field of tourism, hospitality and event management to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and the government as a whole.


The college is a member of AHSA (Association of Hotel Schools in Africa). Our mission along with the association is to promote an exchange of knowledge and experience amongst other member schools in order to attain the highest standards in hospitality training and also puts the college at almost similar level with other internationally recognized hotel schools.

The college also cooperated with Kaveibrogymnasiet a hotel and restaurant school in Skovde, Sweden. The aim of this cooperation was to expose both students and staff of NCT – Arusha and Kaveibrogymnasiet to the culture of the two countries, and also share experience and knowledge, in the hospitality industry.

NCT offers services which include outdoor catering for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, send offs, baptisms, conferences/seminars and supplying of bread, cakes to individuals and supermarkets in Arusha as a means of generating funds and expose our students to business environment.


Mwanza Campus is a non-residential campus. The College can arrange, on request, accommodation for its international students. We do not provide our own accommodation but students will be provided with support and assistance in finding local accommodation in the area.

Training Facilities

Various facilities, including a computer room. Specialist training rooms provide real working environments.

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