Temeke Campus is Located at Mahunda Street, Temeke District, 10km away from the Dar es salaam city center and has capacity to accommodate 150 students. This Campus is responsible for training tourism and related Programmes.

The Campus is close to residential and commercial hubs that are safe and secure and are conveniently close to major traffic routes. A variety of student accommodation and conveniences are located around the campus.


Tandika, Mahunda Street, Temeke Municipal Council, Dar es Salaam is bout 10km from City Center.


Programmes Offered in Temeke Campus:

1) Ordinary Diploma in Travel and Tourism;

2) Basic Technician Certificate in Travel and Tourism;

3) Basic Technician Certificate in Travel and Tourism;

4) Tailor made Short courses in Tourism industry;

NCT Temeke campus offers unlimited opportunity for both Men and Women to join and advance career in Hospitality and Tourism industry Currently, the College offers the following Programmes.

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