Diploma programme contain one NTA level, NTA level 6 which covers two years provided by competence based education training delivered on full time mode.

Academic Year

The NTA level 6 is the Diploma programme which covers Two years. Its curriculum comprise of 12 modules that are spread over two semesters in one academic year. A module has to be covered in semester of fifteen (15) Weeks for classroom activities. Therefore the programme has a total of (30) Weeks of study for full-time attendance mode and twelve Weeks of field indutrial attachement.

Availability of Couses

  • Diploma in Event management (Bustani)
  • Diploma in hospitality management (Bustaniand Arusha)
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism (Temeke)

Entry Qualification

  • The Ordinary Diploma is offered for two years for student joining direct from Advanced Secondary schools
  • Technician Certificate in Hospitality Operations graduates will study Ordinary Diploma in Hospitality (National Technical Awards level 6 for one year)
  • Holder of Technician certificate in specific section i.e. Front office, Housekeeping and Laundry, Food and Beverage Service, Food Production and Pastry and Bakery, will study Ordinary Diploma in Hospitality Operations for two years.
  • Holder of Technician Certificate in Travel and Tourism will study Ordinary Diploma in Travel and Tourism for one year (National Technical Awards Level 6)
  • Holder of Technician in Tour Guiding Operations will study Ordinary in Travel and Tourism for Two years.

Fees Structure for Diploma Programme

1 Tuition Fee 1,250,000 Per Year
2 Excursion Fee 100,000 Once
3 Examination Fee 50,000 Per Year
4 Caution Money 50,000 Once
5 Students Union Contribution 10,000 Per Year
6 Students Identity Cards 5,000 Once
7 Health Insurance 50,400
Total 1,515,400


1) Students are required to pay Tshs. 240,000/= to an identified tailor for pairs of uniforms .

2) Hostel for those who would wish to stay in the Campus is Tshs. 50,000/= per month and they are located in Temeke Campus

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